Super Cahill is fantastic Davies is atrocious! (Bolton Fan)


Ok, so atrocious is possibly a bit strong but I am really getting tired of Bolton fans (of which I am one) continually telling me how impressive Kevin Davies has been recently. For example, today at the game (Bolton 2 Man City 3) I was becoming increasingly frustrated with Davies’ silly  and persistent errors and logged in to Burnden Aces Forum to find the same old faces banging on about “Super Kevin Davies” and how “superb” he was today!

I invite all Manchester City fans, as neutrals of course, to leave a comment on what they think of Kevin Davies and whether they felt there was any real threat going forward from the Bolton strike force today at the Reebok. I can’t believe that in this day and age in the Premiership such poor performances from strikers are being praised and labelled “superb” and “outstanding” from some fans. What planet are these people on?

Once again Kevin Davies could have easily been shown a red card but managed somehow to get away with it. He seems to come close to seriously injuring a couple of players in every game and it’s only a matter of time in my opinion before he goes too far and snaps off an unwitting player’s leg. I’m pretty sure that today against City he gave away two free kicks inside the opening 20 seconds.

Having said all that, Kevin Davies scored an excellent headed goal to get Bolton back into the game today and give his side a fighting chance. Unfortunately though Davies’ goalscoring ability is far from his strong point and he managed something like 3 goals last season from open play. I don’t see how Bolton can expect to progress in the Premier League while they continue to rely on Kevin Davies as captain and main striker. What makes this even more unbelievable to me is that Bolton fans had a taste of what a real striker could actually do for the club when Daniel Sturridge, on loan from Chelsea, scored 8 goals in 10 starts for the club last season. However, it seems, those fans are backing Davies all the way and it would appear that the King of the numpties can do no wrong at the Reebok.

So what is my beef with “S”KD?

He fell over the ball. Davies went down like a sack of overpaid spuds so many times I didn’t have enough fingers and toes! We had no way of penetrating them in the main and it showed (backed up by the stats too). He went to the floor a thousand times looking for fouls simply because he couldnt compete. He dillied and dallied on the ball as the fans urged him to shoot in the second half before he poked the ball straight to a city defender. He misplaced passes and got lucky with several that will go down as successful ones. He could not beat a player. He didnt have the pace to keep up. There was no option for a pass so many times for our midfielders because he was taking up the wrong positions. And there was no option to slide him a through ball because we know he cant get there through lack of pace. He fouled constantly. And to top it all off he kept moaning at the other players when they tried to pass it into feet – he kept gesturing, “should have hit it over the top”! No thank you Kevin.

And to all the “flick on” lovers. Yes, I saw Davies win a couple of headers. He even did one or two good passes. But to head the ball to nobody or to continually mis-control it and to constantly fail at the most simple of footballing tasks just irritates me to the point that I can no longer bare it. For the number of superb things Davies does in a game there are a whole raft of errors that far outweigh his usefulness in my eyes.

Davies wins the odd header and puts in the odd slide tackle, which Bolton fans seem to think is great,  he even scores a couple of goals per season and can score 5 out of 6 penalties. If that’s what we want from a striker then we already have what we need and Owen Coyle may as well put away the cheque book now.

If that is what passes for a superb striker these days then I may as well give up watching.

Gary Cahill Is Fantastic

Gary Cahill is one of those players that has stood out from the moment we signed him. Even in the dark days under the ginger one. I for one will be sorry to see him go.

Today against a good City side Cahill didn’t really put a foot wrong. He put his foot through the ball at the right time, he was composed when needed and, although shorter, he was head and shoulders above Zat Knight in defence. Cahill is not without fault, he makes mistakes like any other player but his defensive qualities are there for all to see and Bolton will rue the day that he is out of their line up.
I certainly will not be looking forward to the coming games if Cahill departs for pastures new. I fear for how our fragile defence will cope. Robinson is slow. Alsonso is partial to drink driving, Knight is a liability, Wheater is just f’ugly and Steinsson spends too much time trying to figure out what is written on his arms. Cahill was one of the stand out performers today against Manchester City and I bet even the most ardent Kevin Davies fan will have been filled with a little extra hope when they saw Cahill take up a striking role for the last 25 seconds of the game.

Unfortunately it would make almost no sense for Bolton to hold on to a player who could go on a free at the end of the season if they can cash in on him big in the next week. I think Cahill should be on his way although part of me seems to think a deal is not going to happen in this transfer window. I think our rivals are going to follow a more recent inner city trend and go for the looting option next summer or kick our doors in come January. So until then, at least we get a little more Cahill for our money.

PS. I don’t fancy him.


44 Responses to “Super Cahill is fantastic Davies is atrocious! (Bolton Fan)”

  1. 1 Trotsky


  2. 2 Hugh

    I agree. KD probably deserved to be sent off. And what about that corner when he threw Kolarov on the ground then just laughed. If Balotelli or Anelka or Torres had done that it would have been a definite card and a spanish inquisition

  3. 3 Greenie

    Cahill is a good player. Not in the same class as Kompany but good enough for England. Davies, however, is a dirty cheating scumbag who has somehow got referees on his side. How he got away with so much today beggars belief.

  4. 4 andy

    i am a city fan i thought kevin davies did his job really well granted he does fall into defenders looking for fouls but i thought he looked dangerous throughout

  5. 5 Tick Tock

    What Kevin Davies lacks in skill he more than makes up for in his propensity to clog opponents.

  6. 6 Blu

    He unsettles defenders and makes it easier for other players to find room. Sure he’s a bit dirty and he’s no Sergio Aguero but he’s worth his place in Bolton’s side (and he scored a great goal today).

    And talking of being sent off today, Robinson should have definitely been for the studs up flying and deliberate foul on Silva late in the game.

  7. 7 Marc

    Davies is a snidey player and cheats to win free kicks at every opportunity, BUT, whilst he gets away with it with seemingly every PL ref, I can’t blame him as it makes up for his little football ability and is effective for Bolton and fits in to the long ball game they play, which relies heavily on free kicks won around the area. If Davies was foreign he’d be villified in the press, but as he’s English he’s ‘Clever’ and ‘Effective’.

    Agree about Sturridge and I imagine he’ll become available before the end of the month.

  8. 8 mm

    As a City fan watching the game today, I thought Davies was very lucky to stay on the pitch today. His foul on Aguero looked premeditated and intent on seriously injuring him.
    I feel it is no coincidence that Davies’ stats show him as the biggest fouler and the most fouled player in the league. Every time he contests a high ball with a defender, he wants to wrestle. He get’s some decisions, he loses some. What disappoints me about him is that he is as strong as an ox, yet goes down at the earliest opportunity to win his team a set piece. His goal today was typical of his play, winning a dodgy free kick, then profiting from it.
    He’s not my cup of tea at all.

    • 9 thefreelancer

      Thing is, today we profited from it. The rest of the season he will score about two goals. The City match probably saw the best of Davies and for me it aint all that. I just want to see a player whoo can use the ball at his feet and who has a bit something about him in terms of finishing, or beating a player, or at least some pace. I’m getting fed up of “he unsettles the opposition”, if that’s his main attribute we may as well put Anne Widdecombe up there, I know she would unsettle me.

  9. 10 Hamann Pineapple

    Davies could easily have seen Red for his tackle on Aguero but he still remains a formidable opponent. Your team would be lesser without him. Cahill was impressive, you should try to hang on to him.

  10. 11 piderman

    Either go and support Man city or Chelsea or understand this is what this club is, a fighting club in a rich mans league.SKD is feared by the rich boys ,so get yourself a season ticket to rich club of your choice or take up ballet

  11. 12 Ian Barton

    Think he’d be better playing rugby, the ball appears to be superfluous, play the man every time.

  12. 13 bobbymancslovechild

    I totally agree (this coming from a man city fan) with this article. In my opinion Davies isn’t the foward that a team aiming for the top half of table needs. He should play for the likes of the blackburns or the stokes of this league. His tackling is too dirty for his own good, if he could back them up with more goals then at least there’ll be some positives coming from his play. Bolton should try to get rid of him or put him on the bench and get someone else more prolific. Cahill was bolton’s best player today and with the determination that the team had, they would not have been beaten by City a couple if years back. Fortunately for me and the rest of the city fans our team has got some real skill and spirit now. p.s: maybe in order to get Davies to play better they should give the captaincy to someone with more consistency such as Cahill. All the best to Bolton for the future. By Bobbymancslovechild.

  13. 14 Mike MCFC

    City fan here. Personally, I think he’s an embarrassment to your team. Absolutely stealing a living. Strong player and loves to ruffle the feathers of defenders but so one dimensional and got away with murder today. If he plays like that against the rags, I guarantee he’ll cop a card, but against us – nothing. You’ve got a good side there and a good manager, but Davies does you no favours. Anyway, good luck for the rest of the season Wanderers, especially next week :-))

  14. 16 Sam

    Agree with you about Davies, I feared for our players (even the huge Kompany and Micah, and especially Silva) whenever he was in the proximity, as I could just see them being carried off on a stretcher. He may be an good captain etc, but he could end up finishing a players career by trying to justify the ‘no nonsense’ bullshit nickname.

  15. 17 Nellie Young

    Agree wholeheartedly, Cahill terrific, Davies a thug who raked his studs down the back of Aguero’s achilles, constantly fouled, great goal so why does he have to be a thug? lucky the ref was SO lenient with him

  16. 18 johnny crossan

    I agree – an utter thug – nearly killed Kolarov in the first 10 seconds and was applauded by that bonehead Wilkins.

  17. SKD makes me v proud to be a wanderer – not just cos of his commitment, determination and lions qualities, and I agree he isn’t a prolific goal scorer – but Coyle recognizes the key to success isn’t just individual goals but the teams goals, and who can argue against his contribution to the team?

    Against a supreme city defence most will struggle, but he still scored an excellent header and never let them relax. (Actually that goal winded them too and for a few minutes after they looked very vulnerable!)

    With Klasnic the “sniffer” lurking in the shadows and others too, and not forgetting he can score from stuff he creates out of nothing/when not marked to shit, I wouldn’t want the team without him I’m amazed that any wanderer would!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. 20 bluefen

    I don’t know how Davies gets away with what he does… Many of the challenges seem 6 of one and half a dozen of the other but he gets fair more of his fair share of decisions…it’s to consistent to be a fluke though so you have to admire the way he does this (very similar to Evertons Cahill). I also noticed Klasnic is also starting to put it about and won several similar free kicks. I agree with you I don’t think Davies despite being a handful will ever score enough goals so you need a foil ala Sturridge; you wouldn’t do go far wrong trying to get Guidetti on loan.

    On the Cahill front I see your being linked with onohua… If Cahill does go then he’d be a very good replacement (i really like him as a player and will be sorry to see nedum leave).

  19. You slag davo off he wins everything in the air he gives his all for bolton wanderers ok he might not score the goals a striker should in a way i know what you mean goals are what keep us from going down but kevin davis does more for bolon wanderers than any other player he puts his heart on his sleeve right or wrong the amount of goals he as set up and for that reason SCORED.

    • 22 thefreelancer

      So what about all the other games, where he often plays worse, and does not score.

  20. 23 Blue

    Think you are totally right and won’t get an argument from any of the City fans regarding Davies.

  21. Kevin Davies is the kind of player that can keep games going, never say die. He’s hard to mark, and half a chance can become a goal. He’s respected in the game. I would say you need his experience and leadership

  22. 25 Fil mcfc

    spot on pal. if hes your knight in white shining armour, then boy its going to be a long ( slightly dull ) season for you lot.

  23. 26 bigalfromeccles

    it was exactly the same with Richard Dunne at city.Big useless lump but the fans love em…Just see toughness and think its quality.Which its not.
    I felt he was holding city back from being a ‘quality’ team and without him and WITH lots of money i believe we are quality now.But Davies will still give Bolton the image of being (analagy) a cow field instead of a bowling green.If you catch my drift.

  24. 27 Neil

    At last, somebody talking sense about Davies, as a city fan who went to the game I found myself constantly shaking my head at how he continually succeeds in conning referees. This is nothing new, he does it every game and it appears not only are the refs fooled but also a lot of Bolton fans who spend their time screaming and moaning at the ref to give him more protection!! Yes, he took his goal well and is a threat but it is limited one, he reminds me of a poor mans Alan Shearer who constantly moans, pushes and dives but without the true class that Shearer also had. Good article mate, Cahill is good but I fear he may have played his last game for the Wanderers.

  25. 28 Another Bolton fan

    Suggest you take your own advice and give up watching now as you obviously haven`t a clue what you are talking about

  26. 29 jay

    what a load of rubbish. if you can’t think of anything to write about apart from slagging our own players off wind it up fool.

  27. 30 Bluefen

    There was 2 seasons not so long ago when Dunne and Joey Barton kept us up… whilst limited in their abilities (more so Dunne) they were great servants to the club

  28. This posting is clearly a hoax or has been written by a complete moron. Get off the internet. Clearly you are right and EVERYBODY ELSE is wrong.

  29. 32 jay

    so you can’t put my post on but you can put all the city fans post on, ypu are a joke. don’t call yourself a bolton fan please support someone else.

  30. 33 GentBWFC

    last season Kevin Davies created more chances from open play than any other player, admittedly he’s not prolific but he’s the kind of dedicated player that I am proud to see leading my club. Noone here has mentioned the amount of slide tackles he won today, or the clearances he made in defence, he contributes so much to the team and won’t roll around on the floor pretending to be injured (silva). His goal was sublime and sturridge himself stated how amazed he was at the amount of flick ons davies won, the problem is not Davies, but Chris Eagles who for me was absolutely dreadful today. In conclusion shut up because you have no idea what your talking about, I thought all our back four played well today so spare me the ‘cahill is god’ speech.

  31. 34 jay

    exactley geoff ! i posted on this load of rubbish about kevin davies earlier but it hasn’t been put into the comments. this guy who runs this site can’t surely be a bolton fan. from the 1st whistle davies was in with a cracking challenge on kolarov. lescott, barry,kompany all had a good battle with davies all afternoon and knew they had been in a game, we will greatly miss davies when he’s gone can’t believe a so called bolton fan can slag a player down who gives 100% every game and puts his body into any 50 / 50 challenge. bolton don’t need supporters like this.

  32. 35 geraldine king

    to the best of my knowledge kd has never seriously injuried a fellow professional (take note nigel de jong/johnny evans} he is hard and fair and if he is fouled doesn’t roll around like a girl(sorry ladies} trying to get a fellow professional booked he gets up and gets on with the game if he is such a poor player why did the mighty city put 3 defenders on him and why did he make lescott look a bumbling fool for most of the 90 minutes he cost a fraction of the so called “superstar ” sergio who missed two dollies that a boozed soaked sunday league player would have buried you ask most premier league defenders who they don’t want to play against and kd would be in the top three in most lists
    he ain’t the prolific scorer we’d all love but he does a proffessional job proffesionally

  33. 36 nick

    kd is a clever player and it frustrates me that every one thinks all players should be the same! he is no silva? thats true and silva is no davies, would silva be as effective if he played for bolton? what makes the epl so great is the mixture of footballing cultures and the competitive nature of the league! even sides who are not owned by rich idiots can compete and represent the clubs they play for by having an honest go and earning points. The way some clowns carry on about davies is tragic, should every one just sit back and let the technically gifted have it easy? if thats what you want to see watch the spanish league!! long live players like davies and all other genuine pro footballers. i really enjoy watching players battle it out, and it brings the best out in the classy players also!
    I would prefer watching davies thanover paid cry babies at some clubs nani,
    is an example… ask all premier defenders who they hate to mark and they will say kevin davies which tells me he is doing some thing right.
    bolton fan who is proud of big kev!

  34. 37 True Bolton fan

    the moron that wrote this needs to take a walk on the m6 – i bet you was one of the thousands singing SKD’s name after the fa cup brum game!!

  35. 38 Rio Hogan

    i agree davies is absolutely awful, he cant run and he was on the edge of the box with noone closing him down and he still didn’t shoot? why cant e just strip him of the captaincy and leave him on the bench like we did with nolan. its like playing with 10 men at the moment sort it coyle

  36. 39 Blue Nick

    It,s not too surprising to read the comments of opposing teams fans regarding Davies. His style of play upsets them and it also upsets a lot of players who have to oppose him on the pitch. The only difference is that the supporters know very little about playing the professional game. The opposing players hate playing against Davies. Centre halves such as John Terry and Matthew Upson always accept and acknowledge that they never look forward to taking on Davies. All professional players and managers have a grudging admiration for Davies, and that is more important to Davies than the ignorant rantings of opposition supporters. Bolton have never had the multi-millions that the top clubs have at their disposal but have managed to remain in the Premiership for many years now, much to the annoyance of some newspaper hacks. Of course had Bolton had the backing of some foreign billionaire then they too could go out and pay 30, 40 or 50 milliin for a striker, and pay him £200,000 a week. But they have to make do with loans and free signings and a few million quid for the odd player. So Kevin Davies came to Bolton on a ‘free’ (which is top money for Bolton) and has managed to help keep them in the Premiership all that time.

    So okay, he’s not a prolific goal scorer, but then Bolton have never had one of those for many years. But he has other attributes that the last four Bolton managers have recognised, and countless other opposing managers have admired and feared.
    So Davies will continue to earn the respect of professionals within the sport, and of course the Bolton Wanderers supporters.

  37. 40 thefreelancer

    In response to many about Davies’ effectiveness.

    The stats from the Bolton V City match.

    Kevin Davies

    Shots: 2
    Goals: 1

    Tackles Won:4
    Tackles Lost:3

    Fouls Conceded: 8
    Free Kicks Won: 6 (wow, seemed like more than that)
    Yellow Cards: 1

    Successful Passes: 19
    Unsuccessful Passes: 20
    Key Passes: 0
    Assists: 0

    Interceptions: 0
    Clearences: 0
    Unsuccessful Clearences: 1

    The only thing here that is atypical is the shots/goals section. It is often zero shots and 0 goals. If the people who think Davies is superb and outstanding are basing it on how many tackles and tussles he won then just look at the stats. And even if he won 30 tackles per game then does it really make up for a striker who never scores?

    I am not against Davies. At the moment Bolton don’t have many other options anyway and I can see what he brings to the team at times. However, what I am against is the way people rave about his performances as if he is the best thing ever!

    What I also don’t understand is that no matter how much you wear your “heart on your sleeve” or “give 100%” it all becomes irrelevant when you see how many times he fails to make a simple pass or control a simple ball. I am not asking for a Tevez or a Rooney. I am not even saying we should drop Davies. I just can’t stand people raving about how great he is for us when we need so much more!

  38. You are obviously not a Bolton fan ot rlive down south and just go along with what the so called journalists spout out every week about Davies, the lad has had 1 red card in his career that i can think of and has never actually (Properly) hurt a single player! Yeah you will get the pansies like Silva and many other admittiedly more gifetd player rolling around like they have been shot when they hear him coming but he is HONEST, tough and fair so stop writing such utter b******s and actually get to the games and see what a committed centre forward who PLAYS FOR THE TEAM can do!

  39. 42 connor

    All those people who are saying that davies is ‘awful’ and ‘atrocious’ and brainless and retarded. He clearly isnt if he can score a great header against a team with all that money and all those great player’s. He is also the starter of most of Boltons attacks. and the person who wrote this is aparrently a bolton fan, try remembering who you support mate!

  40. 43 DanTheBoltonFan

    AGREED!!!! I have said this for months!! He isnt a footballer at all! Yes its good that he is seen as Mr Bolton Wanderers, but i just cant see why in match previews written by other teams the man to watch is always him! Bolton will never get rid of the ‘long ball’ stereotype untill he goes because he forces that ooff up field!

    Please play Tuncay and Klasnic up front!! He isnt a captain.. In fact i dont think any of them are captain material, nobody seems to get players going and up for it like Nolan did!!!! This has frustrated me for sooooooo long!!!

    Davies NEEDS to retire!!!!!

  41. 44 geraldine king

    when the players cross that white line they should be professional to do the job without someone screaming at them
    nolan brought a lot to the bolton team but was frankly embarasing at a captain often in the face of referees his face red and his neck muscles bulging with anger he often talked himself into the refs book and we subsequently lost him for matches because of suspensions
    what sort of example is that to his teamates let alone young players watching
    i much prefer davies’ quiet manner of captaincy
    he put his stamp on the match against city in the first 8 second by putting in a CLEAN HARD TACKLE if he unsettles the oposition and creates space and time for his team mates to score then job done

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