Matt Taylor signs for New Bolton (West Ham) (tbc)


Bolton Wanderers have sold Matthew Taylor to West Ham United for 2 million pounds. The deal is expected to be announced tomorrow afternoon after the clubs tie up loose ends.

Taylor will team up with several former Wanderers’ players at West Ham under ex Bolton boss Sam Allardyce.

This looks like good business on Bolton’s part to me and it looks set to pave the way for a new signature of our own, perhaps Jeffren from Barcelona. Taylor had become less and less useful in the Premier League in my eyes and his reputation was built on a few eye catching goals. Anyone who watched Taylor every week would realise his weaknesses out weighed his strengths.

Taylor struggles with pace and also seems to have difficulty beating a man with the ball. To his credit he scores the odd free kick, though the actual conversion rate is 4 in 70 or similar. So it looks good on match of the day when one goes in but when you tally it against the number he hits at the wall it doesn’t really look that great.

Anyway, I’m glad we have let Taylor go and hopefully it means we are strengthening our wide positions and not weakening our side. Don’t get me wrong, I thank Taylor for being a good servent (whatever that means) and putting in a lot of effort but, from me, it’s thank you and goodbye!

What do you think of Matt Taylor?

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4 Responses to “Matt Taylor signs for New Bolton (West Ham) (tbc)”

  1. 1 boltonboyaaron

    i think matty taylor is a really good player and it is aa waste for him to go to such a bad team.. why move to the championship when he could have gone to stoke who are by far the better team 😦

  2. 2 Iain

    Sad, the way we disparage players. Belittle those who do not quite meet our fullest expectations . . . very, very sad.
    For those who are wondering, this comment is not solely about Matty Taylor.

    • 3 thefreelancer

      Iain, though I understand your sentiment, I must say I disagree to a point. Like Peter commented, these players are being made into millionaires while we spend over the odds to catch a glimpse of them in action. A player should always be putting 100% in in my eyes – I wouldn’t last very long at my job if I didn’t and I would be surely put into my place if I was not up to standard.
      Football players earn a fortune doing something most of us would gladly do for free if we had the chance so any player not doing the business on the pitch is rightly going to be subject of harsh opinion. It’s nothing personal I am sure – I’m sure Taylor is a great bloke – but how else are supporters supposed to voice their feelings about the players who represent the club? Are we supposed to show more respect or balance our comments with politically correct buffers for every negative we have to say. No. There should be no need for that in football.
      I understand that some players will always have a place in the heart of many Wanderers’ fans, Kevin Davies is a prime example. Fans love him but he should not be above criticism. He should be a party to the same chopping block as any other player who fails to meet expectations. What I would say though is that it’s not always the player’s own fault. Thay may be played out of position or kept in a team, based on reputation, way past their sell by date – so I do think it’s unfair when players come in for a lot of unfair criticism – but I often then think about the vast amount of money they earn and the amount they often demand from clubs and sometimes, just sometimes, I think, what the heck, if they get a bit of stick from the fans – who cares?

  3. 4 Pedro1874

    Not sad at all. They are stealing a living in my eyes Iain. They should be sold to a lower league before they become disappointing, an embarrassment and a liability. Taylor always struggled getting out of a walk and was always embarrassing and a liability. Struggled with pace? Very kind! I will give him 10/10 for trying. He certainly wasn’t lazy, just not good enough.

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