Watch Bolton V Orlando tonight – FREE (full match live, official)


Tonight Bolton are set to take on Orlando City in a friendly match.
We will be posting the live stream right here before the match kicks off!

CLICK HERE TO WATCH MATCH (NOW LIVE) (Starts 00:30GMT Sunday night/Monday morning)

This is an official club video and it’s only available live. It won’t be here tomorrow and it will not be on the BWFC website. It will not be one of those dodgey illegal streams that make you download suspicious software either! So make sure you check back here for the game!

The stream link is now LIVE (but will start broadcasting close to kick off) so check back here before half past midnight and get a full 90 minutes of the Wanderers in action on their American tour.

See you soon Bolton faithful!

You may be in a restricted area.


Try refreshing the page several times by pressing F5 on your keyboard. This may get you in.
Not working? Copy the address of the live stream site. Close all browser windows. Re-open browser. Paste address. Try again.
Still no luck?
Install google chrome for free. Its like Internet explorer but quicker. It is also prettygood at streaming restricted content. Go to google. Type in chrome. Install. Takes 1 minute. Enjoy match!


5 Responses to “Watch Bolton V Orlando tonight – FREE (full match live, official)”

  1. 1 cockhead

    Same stream as on the Orlando website!

    • 2 thefreelancer

      Yes but the thing was, the last game against Tampa was blocked in the UK. So until it kicked off I didn’t know if people in the Uk would be able to watch. So on my link I would have put it through a proxy for people so they could see it if required.
      Also – whats wrong with me linking to freely available content on my own terms, I will send my traffic to what suits me – not going to do somebody elses adverts for them.

  2. 3 Pedro1874

    Many thanks for the perfect stream. No buffering at all. Hope you are going to try for the Houston game?

    • 4 thefreelancer

      Sorry – I wasnt around for the Houston game, hope you managed to find it somewhere, any luck?

  3. 5 Mel

    do you know where I can watch the highlights?

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