Sturridge To Stay At Wanderers!


There are claims today that Bolton Wanderer’s are set to keep Daniel Sturridge on loan for another season. Daniel Sturridge has already said to the press that he would rather go out on loan again than be out of favour at Chelsea.

On a popular Wanderer’s forum a fan who has spoken to Sturridge has revealed that Daniel Sturridge fully expects to still be with Bolton next season. Sturridge is quoted as saying he “would love to be back next season”. 

Hopefully Sturridge is meaning he would love to be back as a Wanderer, but he could mean he would love to be back and score against us at the Reebok, but football players are rarely so deep.

Bolton would do well to keep hold of Sturridge for next season after his recent goal spree. Sturridge has definitely brought a new threat to the Bolton team who have looked rather stale otherwise going forward. If Bolton can persuade Sturridge to stay on and Coyle can bring in a couple more big names to strengthen the squad the Wanderers could be in for another great season.

I highly recommend that a few people take “Sturridge Stay” banners to the Reebok for the City game!

Any ideas for a good banner?

“Daniel, sign for us, play every week” – “Sturridge and Bolton MFEO”


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