Beat Stoke and we are in Europe


Bolton Wanderers are one game away from Europe in all probability. All we need is to beat Stoke at Wembley on Sunday and we are all but guaranteed a place in next seasons Europa League.

Yes a win against Stoke City at the weekend will not only mean an FA Cup final showdown against Manchester United or Manchester City it would mean Owen Coyle had also taken his Wanderers into Europe in his first season in charge. It would be arguably Bolton Wanderers’ most successful season ever, especially if we lift the Cup in May.

The winners of the FA Cup qualify for the Europa League, however, if the winners have already qualified for the champions League by finishing 4th or above in the EPL, the Europa League place goes to the runners-up in the FA Cup. This means that Bolton (or Stoke) would not even need to win the FA Cup since their opponents would more than likely have qualified for the Champions League. A win on Sunday could be the biggest game in either teams history in European terms.


2 Responses to “Beat Stoke and we are in Europe”

  1. 1 Robbo goddo

    Would we not still get in Europe if city finish 5th? In the regular Europa league position? They couldn’t get a Europa league position twice! Just saying, as after tonights showing… 4th isn’t a certainty for them!

    • 2 thefreelancer

      If Manchester City finish fifth in the league and win the FA Cup then they will qualify for the Europa League via thier FA Cup winning place. This means that the runners up in the FA Cup cannot qualify for Europe and the final spot for the Europa place will go to who ever finishes 6th in the Premiership. Good question though.

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