Wanderers in top four by end of November, this is how…


Bolton Wanderers currently occupy 5th position in the Premier League after a scintillating tie against Wolves saw them run out 3-2 winners and take all the points.

A good win at the Reebok against an inconsistent Newcastle side could see Bolton leapfrog Manchester City into fourth spot, if only for 24 hours. City then face a tough Fulham side away from home and will be up against it to get anything out of the game, especially with City’s average of just over 1 goal per game so far this season. There are even calls for City boss, Mancini, to be sacked as fans grow tired of their manager’s overly negative tactics and bewildering substitutions. (Sound familiar) The off pitch distractions could prove too much for City as Fulham try to build on their own slow start to the season.

Bolton are then set to face Blackpool away from home, a game the bookies expect Bolton to win based on recent form. Blackpool will be no push over, however, if things fall into place for Owen Coyle’s men the Wanderers could realistically be expecting to go into the Christmas period sitting pretty in a league position usually reserved for the so-called ‘Big Four’.

Who would have thought twelve months ago that boring, boring Bolton could now be pushing the likes of Spurs, Man City and Liverpool out of the way on their rise up the league. Many Wanderers fans would have settled for a bit of mid table security at the start of the season but now I’m sure they can be forgiven for looking longingly toward Europe again. Exciting football, goal of the month contenders, five and six goal thrillers, a striker rubbing shoulders with the likes of Berbatov, Drogba and Tevez in the scoring charts. What more could a fan ask for at the moment?

I remember when Bolton let Megson go how many supporters of other clubs, who knew nothing of the reality of life at Bolton, would bitterly complain that Wanderers fans were unrealistic to expect better than Megson was giving them. We were “spoiled”, “unreasonable”, “disillusioned” even if we thought little old Bolton could actually go away from home and attack, or god forbid, play two strikers at the same time. The reality was that, whilst Megson brought in some good players, he did not know how to use them or how to win a game. In fact, bar one midfielder, Coyle’s first eleven are all made up of players left over from the Megson era. The only difference is the manager and the style. Things are still not perfect on the pitch but they are a damn site closer to what we want to see. Wanderers fans everywhere, we were right to want more!


11 Responses to “Wanderers in top four by end of November, this is how…”

  1. 1 Tom

    Mate, after Newcastle at home it’s Blackburn at home not Blackpool away

  2. 5 Paul Stevens

    Its Blackpool at home next.
    You’re quite right in the sense of optimism to which you allude. However it really is about time the stay-at-home Bolton fans returned. The gates have risen only slightly since Owen Coyle arrived. If Boltonians seriously want a successful Prem team its time to get off their apathetic arses and help a return to the mid-decade regular gates of 25-27,000.

  3. 6 Jordy boy

    You’re both wrong, after newcastle at home its home to blackpool, blackburn away 12th dec

  4. excellent blog btw! I’m a bolton fan that has recently joined this site with my own blog, but i write about all things english football related, and not just my beloved BWFC. Feel free to have a look in.

    I think you got it spot on when you said that megson signed some good players, but couldn’t play them. knight, muamba, steinsson and elmander have all looked miles better than under meggo.

    4 points from the next 2 games would be brilliant, and we will be at a point where we can really push on for that top 10 (if not european) finish!

    Come On You White Men!

  5. 9 Mike

    It’s Blackpool at home after Newcsatle… call yoursleves Wandererd fans!!

  6. 10 Bunn

    Its actually Blackpool at home .

  7. 11 you're both wrong

    One says Blackpool away, the other Blackburn at home

    It’s one of the other two combinations

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