Best transfer news of the summer – will 4 million be enough?


Matt Taylor has been linked today with a move away from the Reebok to southern rivals West Ham United. Taylor scored 8 goals last season for Bolton and could be tempted by first team football with the softies.

I for one think Matt Taylor would be a great signing for West Ham because it would mean we were finally rid of him. No more huffing and puffing performances as he tries to keep up with the ball boy. I can’t wait. Let them have him as their “goal threat” – in fact, I hope he plays against us – it’s  always a pleasure to be eleven V ten.

Will West Ham splash out 4 million quid for the left footer or is it a bit too much to ask? For me any sort of money out of the deal is a bonus. What we save in wages is worth letting him go for, what we save in poor performances is even better. Off you go Matty, and take your glandular fever with you!

The only thing I hope, if he does play against us, is that he doesn’t get more than 27 free kicks on the edge of the box because statistically one of them will go in. go on target.


8 Responses to “Best transfer news of the summer – will 4 million be enough?”

  1. 1 thebish

    In a team woefully short of goals – you’d cheerfully offload him? Sounds like muppet-talk to me….

    • 2 thefreelancer

      Yes, I’ll drive him there myself. It’s a complete myth that Taylor offers Bolton a real goal threat. He is an over rated player who gets to take all the penalties which boosts what would otherwise be pretty poor statistics.

      • 3 Kushal

        He was the highest goal-scorer for us last season from the mid-field despite his bad patch of form (“glandular fever”) he might claim.

        Deduct the goals, no the important goals he scored for last season, we would be relegated! He has had an off season and still managed to notch up those goals. At least give him until January window to prove his worth, which I am pretty sure he is capable off.

        P.S. He still scored more then any midfielder we have, if you take out the penalties he took.

      • 4 Kushal

        Although 4 million and I would let him go as well!! But he is not by any stretch of imagination worth less than that…

  2. 5 Spike

    Good news….at the end of last season I was prepared to pay his bus fare to get him to a club…any other club….paying us a transfer fee or not…not sure I believed this “I’m not so well…” line…

    Wish he could have worked out for us, but to be honest, I think he is a little out of his depth in the premier league. You have to contribute through a full 90 minutes in the Premier League and cannot rely on the vain hope of getting a free-kick just outside the box…and then hope that it might go in…..

  3. 6 Boltonboris

    “It’s a complete myth that Taylor offers Bolton a real goal threat”

    Is it? Here’s me thinking he’s scored 18 goals from midfield in the past 2 seasons. Making him the highest scoring player at the club during those two terms.. Perhaps, I’m just old fashioned when it come to footballers who do nothing but score goals and set them up for others…

    He has 10 direct assists, only Kevin Davies has more. But he can also claim a further 8 ‘indirect assists’ meaning he was the main ’cause’ of the goal, ie; Took the corner that led to a goalmouth scramble etc..

    But once again, maybe he doesn’t have Da Skillz sat killz lolz.. that some of our no brainer fans like. No end product, but they look good in their flashy colourful boots!


    I’ve decided that we 100% should sell Taylor to West Ham

    At the end of the day:

    1) For whatever reason he’s not part of OC’s 1st team plans.
    2) We have 4 other players that can play LW they are Petrov, Gardner, Alonso and Ward.
    3) Possibly the most important reason because of the first two; Coyle still wants to strengthen the squad but has no money for transfers or wages- So selling Taylor for £3-5 mil and getting £40k off the wage budget is like winning the lottery for OC.

    Jesus isn’t real.

  5. 8 Supera Moras

    What rubbish. Taylor is the third most consistent goalscoring midfielder in the Premier League in the last two or three seasons and without his goals he’s regularly scored since coming to the club we would be relegated by now. Thefreelancer, I don’t think Matty took any penalties in 2008/09 and scored 10 from out on the wing. Last season, no one outside the top 7 except Darren Bent scored 10 plus. His goals in a fairly low scoring team like Bolton are invaluable and it would be folly to offload him.

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