New Wanderers striker set to play in pre season tour!


Gilbert Alvarez has been offered a trial with Owen Coyle’s men and could be set to play in less than three weeks time as Wanderers commence their pre season tour of the US.

18-year-old striker, Alvarez, is also a target of Italian giants Lazio but it seems Coyle has worked his magic yet again in bringing the young Bolivian a step closer to the Reebok. If the trial goes well Alvarez will snub Lazio in favour of a switch to the Reebok this summer. 

Alvarez has already been capped by his country and is considered a hot prospect. The talented youngster could be joined by Real Madrid youngsters Marcus Alonso and Rodrigo Moreno as they look set to sign over the next few days. Left back, Alonso, turned down a move to Portuguese outfit Benfica and will join on an initial season loan with the whites. Moreno is a forward who can play up front or on either flank. The young trio will be in good company alongside experienced new signing Martin Petrov who joined on a free last week.

Wanderers team for next season:

Steinsson  Cahill  Knight  Alonso
Lee  Holden Wilshere Petrov
Alvarez Moreno

Sounds better already doesn’t it?


8 Responses to “New Wanderers striker set to play in pre season tour!”

  1. 1 Tom Molloy

    First things, Davies will not get dropped.
    Secondly, that Midfield would get raped without Muamba.
    Furthermore, you haven’t seen Alvarez, Alonso or Moreno play so it would be difficult to say they’re better than what we already have.

    I think (Considering we sign all those players mentioned and nobody else)

    Steinsson Cahill Knight Robinson
    Lee Muamba Holden Petrov

    With a bench of:
    Al Habsi, Alonso, Ricketts, Davis, Taylor, Moreno, Ward/Alvarez

    Seems more likely

  2. 2 thefreelancer

    I damn well hope Davies will get dropped. I can’t wait for a new style and Davies is not part of what I have in mind. Has nobody noticed that Davies is not as good as he is hyped up to be by over enthusiastic Bolton fans? Ok, I know I have not seen those lads playing and my team selection was a bit of a tongue in cheeker – as in it sounds better without Robinson, Taylor, Elmander, Davies.

  3. 3 Tom Molloy

    I don’t rate Davies, but Coyle came out and said he would be his captain, I just can’t see the captain being dropped even though I think it’s worth a go in pre-season.

  4. 4 Antony Haydock

    I am a Big Kev fan, but his time is nearly done. A fitting player for the Alladyce era and a good all round striker. Sometimes he thinks he is Nico Anelka of Diouffy when he never was/is, but you cannot get rid of that type of striker as they are few and far between. We need a Young lad to replace him not get rid of the style. Dan Ward is not that style but watching him at Swindon showed me another striker there. He has just come into that league from non-league but is 20, a year younger than Danny, Scored goals (19 in 33) and is a target man of the Davies ilk. Charlie Austin for £2m would be worth it as he is confident at the moment after a good season and, again YOUNG, so you have time.

  5. 5 Adam

    Davies IS a good player, he’s infinatly better than Heskey or Crouch at that type of job (target man) so I’ll just put that out there. It would be AMAZING to see such a team with the Madrid kids and the althetico guy (as well as petrov who is a quality player). Not too sure if we’ll be able to get Wilshire back but if not how does a midfield of Lee, Muamba, Gardner (or Sean Davies, forgotten about him right?) and Petrov. Still pretty tastey.

  6. 6 Adam

    And when I say gardner in midfield I obviously mean Stu Holden, can’t believe I forgot him. Brilliant player, shame not to see so much at the world cup.

  7. 7 Gretski

    If we get all these kids in the average age of the squad will be about 24. Experience of Davo, Jussi, Bibi, Knight plus the skill and flare of the new kids would make us a serious force to be reckoned with. I think it’s great that we now have (potentially) so many exciting players there is debate which ones should make the team.

  8. 8 mick

    You are just a fool if you can write Kevin Davies off like that. We are enthusiastic about him because he has kept us up for the last 2 seasons and it isn’t just Bolton fans that are enthusiastic about him it is other mangers like Harry Redknapp who rate him. He’s one of the best target men in the premiership he knows his job and does it really well!

    You are tripping if you think we’re gonna still have Cahill next season and maybe Taylor will go too and it’s looking unlikely we will get Wilshere back. We don’t even know if the two Real players will be coming there is other competition by bigger teams. I hope they all come and stay!

    Anyway I don’t give a crap who we’ve got i just know Coyly will pull through for us.

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