Germany’s first goal was offside – proof!


Was I the only person in the country to notice this?
I watched the match live and then the highlights on several channels and throughout the game none of the commentators noticed it, none of the players, and then afterwards during the analysis still nobody mentioned it despite a million replays, in-depth scrutiny and fancy computerised summarizing. Yet it was there for all to see.

Germany’s first goal was offside.

I know all of the attention has been taken up by Lampard’s goal that never was but I think this is just as important.

OK OK, England were not that great throughout the tournament but we certainly weren’t helped out by the officials in this game. I know Germany put four past us but we were chasing the game. We had all our players up attacking while they broke and scored number 3 and 4. But how different it could have been! We certainly didn’t help ourselves though. Rooney had another poor one. Gerrard gave the ball away a million times. That cartoon character of a manager brought on Heskey when we needed three goals. Crouch didn’t even get on the pitch. Capello had us all over the place, tactically inept performance from the manager.

Anyway – here is the Germany offside goal Proof…

I then realised 

You can’t be offside if:

  • you receive the ball directly from a goal kick, a throw-in or a corner
  •   Damn!


    2 Responses to “Germany’s first goal was offside – proof!”

    1. 1 Chris Davies

      You are right, however, they did confuse matters on the TV by putting the “offside” line up when the ball was kicked.

    2. 2 Antony Haydock

      You cannot be offside at a goal kick at all.

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