Capello: Players tired – but Tevez is doing ok…


Fabio Capello is claiming that the England team underperformed due to tiredness after a long Premiership campaign. However the Italian needs to think through his arguaments before he speaks because other Premiership players are on fire at the World Cup, the only difference is – they are not English.

Manchester City’s Carlos Tevez, John Pantsil,  John Mensah, Chong Lee of Bolton, Park Ji Sung of Man Utd and many many more players ply their trade in the English Premiership and don’t seem to be adversely affected by the so called long season. I can imagine if the Premiership had a lower number of games the excuse would be reversed and England would be underperforming because of lack of stamina, lack of sharpness or something due to not having enough back to back games.

England were pretty bad compared to what we were all hoping for but I don’t think the problems stem from tiredness. Did tiredness cause Capello to select Emile Heskey for the opening two games? Was tiredness to blame for Crouch being left on the bench throughout the tournament despite the team crying out for some firepower? Who decided it was a good idea to take Defoe off and replace him with Heskey when we needed three goals against Germany? Why did we play with three central midfielders for the majority of our games? No need for Gerrard, Lampard and Barry to all be getting under each other’s feet. It wasn’t working out, but it didn’t get changed.

Why in hell was Gerrard stuck wide on the left? His ineffectiveness is proven in that position and yet when he did come inside he scored in the opening game and was milimetres from pulling one back against the Germans. The defence looked pretty weak, Terry is slow. Not tired. Slow. We looked disjointed, devoid of ideas, no plan on how to get forward. We didn’t have a stye of play. We just had the defenders passing to the midfielders and back again. Not much else. Rooney didn’t perform but he was not dropped or replaced with Crouch or Bent. Something had to give but it didn’t. Capello decided that. Nobody else.

Capello stubbornly persisted with his selections and his tactics at the expense of points, goals and wins. We know Rooney didn’t have the greatest time at the World Cup but we also knew he was being deployed in totally the wrong way. The rest of the country could see it was possible to get Rooney more into games, everyone except the manager.

I think Capello did a bad job at the World Cup Finals 2010.


3 Responses to “Capello: Players tired – but Tevez is doing ok…”

  1. 1 thefreelancer

    Capello said all year that he would not pick players based on reputation. He would pick players who are in form and not carrying an injury. Not True.

    Unfit: Rooney,Barry,King. Ferdinand,Lennon and Ashley Cole had very little game time for their clubs before the tournament.

    Form:Carrick has been awful all season. Defoe had scored 1 goal since March. Heskey scored 3 all season and was not getting picked by Villa. Gerrard had probably his worst season in a Liverpool shirt.

    The writing was on the wall during the pre-tournament friendlies that the defence was a shambles,so why did we not take goalscorers and adopt the Keegan approach and try to outscore the opposition. Maradona took 6 strikers,because he recognised that Argentinas weak spot was their defence. We left a natural goalscorer (Bent) whose netted 25 in 34 games at home.For some reason England never seem to like to pick natural finishers (Fowler,Phillips, Clive Allen) instead they go for big lumps.

    We also made the same mistake as in the past.We took 3 right sided midfielders,and no left sided midfielders. When will we learn! Feel really sorry for Gerrard. He’s one of the best central midfielders in the world and he gets put out on the left. If we are gonna play our two best central midfielders, we must give both Lampard and Gerrard license to operate in areas where they can hurt defences, have Barry as the holding midfielder, and play with with two genuine wide men (that’s a right winger and a proper left winger,not a right winger shoved to the left). Chris Waddle made a great point yesterday, we don’t have any pacy wingers,we just have people who can run fast. The standard of crossing was atrocious.

  2. 2 mick

    You know what i can’t fathom is the fact Capello got a new contract before the World Cup started! Now we are stuck with a stubborn piece of crap as a manager for Euro 2012. Harry Redknapp would be a brilliant England manager, I would love to see Jose Mourinho as the manager though but Harry would do for me!

  3. 3 blackwatertown

    With all the fuss over Lampard’s “goal” against Germany, you won’t want to see this latest goal-mouth technology picture

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