Who would you pick for England? – (Pick your team here)


If  you were England boss who would make it into your starting eleven for the must win Slovenia match tomorrow night?
Below is my team selection and you can pick your own by clicking here. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment!

I have selected the one and only Joe Hart in goal. Let’s face it, Rob Green is as useful as a nuns tits and David James has just been relegated with Portsmouth who conceed nearly 70 goals last season. Apart from that, we all know David James is more suited to a spot Fifa on the Playstation than he is to keeping goal reliably (ie without fatal mistakes).

In the middle of defence I would like to choose King but his leg has fallen off again. Luckily, though, Jaimie Carragher is carrying two yellow cards, making him suspended, so my choice of Michael Dawson could get into Capello’s team of chosen ones.

England line up V Algeria

In midfield the Gerrard, Lampard, Barry thing is never going to work. In my eyes it was a poor selection a few days ago and I am really hoping for some changes. Gerrard didn’t do it for me te other day but he makes it into my eleven because I believe that in the right system he could work really well. Joe Cole needs to be on the field. He was useful in qualifying and he inspires the team. He adds a different dimension. On the other side Lennon has been too quiet. I would start (this will get me slated) Wright-Phillips on the right. He is pacey and he was the most positive player on the ball against Algeria. And the benefit of starting Wright-Phillips is that if he doesnt perform we can always bring Lennon on who could prove more effective as a sub.

Finally, due to lack of options I will start Rooney up front. He can’t have three poor games in a row. Can he? And his partner is the goal machine (robot daddy longlegs) Peter Crouch. He score 5 in ten qualifiers. And has 18 goals in 17 starts for England. We simply cannot leave him on the bench for the sake of a couple of Heskey flick ons. What exactly does Heskey bring to the table?

POST YOUR COMMENTS, let us know what you think.


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