“I want exciting players” – a look at life after Ginger


Ok, so the balding red-headed ugly stick victim is out of the picture and the chosen one has taken the reigns. But what has that meant for us as Wanderers fans?

Recently, I cant find where i read this, they were chatting anti-Bolton style on the radio, as is the norm these days for most media and journalist folk, about one Gary Megson and the appalling treatment he received at the hands of the ever terrible  and despised Bolton fans and how Megson had, infact, done a wonderful job at Bolton with the minimal resources at his disposal.  I’m pretty sure Bolton fans everywhere all, in unison, thought or said, “errr, wonderful job, 19th in the league, 40 million spent, worst football we have known, most unrest among fans i have ever witnessed at the club, most negative manager and tactics known to man and most manager fan hatred ever seen, no wins in last 10 and not a game this season without conceding… a very good job indeed.”  (…”but we were 3 points off 12th place”, a fact Megson continually takes delight in hammering home about his own departure when attempting to put the icing on his very small cake, yet he fails to note, during his rant on the dire situation the club were in when he took over, that the team of Sammy Lee were also just 3 points from 12th place – progress hmm?)

I digress.

So Megson left. This happened:

We started with a 4-0 win.
We played arsenal twice and were unlucky not to take points in both games.
We then won 2 more and got 2 more clean sheets.
We moved from 19th to 15th in the table.
We are in the 5th round of the cup.
We have brought in three midfielders who look awesome. Wilshire/Weiss/Holden
We are more positive as a team going forward.
The atmosphere at games is better.
Players like Elmander, Mark Davies and Zat Knight seem rejuvenated and are performing very well.
The playing camp is happier and more positive.
Megson had over 2 years in charge to fix things and 40 million.
We have had 3 weeks without him and done better already with zero cash.
3 wins from 5 games,  3 clean sheets and nine goals.

Things are going to be good. A big 3 points against Liverpool would be a dream start!

Coyle said regarding the kind of players he wants to see coming into the club, 

“We are trying to bring in exciting players. There is no doubt that Weiss can play and Lee continues to excite.”

“Weiss likes to get at full-backs and get crosses in while Holden has great energy and desire. He wants to show he can play in the best league in the world, so he is a young man with a point to prove.”

“There is plenty to work with. It won’t happen overnight, I don’t have a magic wand and it takes hard work on the training ground.”

A little more on the team, I copied this from the Bwfc Forum: (join here- it’s new and it’s fantastic)

Most people seem to have a fairly simiar story to tell, scrappy overall, maybe deserved the points, their injuries helped us out.

Player wise, coyle may be onto something with ricketts at the back and the general feeling is that taylor is in dire need of an injury. (so he cant play)

Everyone seems to think the midfield is requiring a bit of a turn around and the intro of lee as regular starter has gone down well, weiss is to be awsome and wilshire and holden both arriving means we are in for a much brighter future. on top of that we have mark davies who coyle really rates and also muamba who can do a job but seems to be non too consistant.

The feeling seems to be that elmander is starting to show a glimmer of hope but that klasnic may not be the legend we built him up to be and that mr KD is looking increasingly uncomfortable and ineffective especially when you consider the style we are hoping to adopt.

it really looks like coyle could be starting to take us somewhere.


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