Mark Davies in Ankle Break


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Referee Kicks Davies while he is down!


Mark Davies appears to be in for a lucky break after it was confirmed he escaped without serious injury after his coming together with William Gallas.

Davies will probably be on the sidelines for a couple of weeks but is lucky not to need surgery or months of treament. Davies was stretchered off during Botlon’s trip to the Emirates on Wednesday evening.  The Bolton midfielder stretched for a loose ball only to have his ankle stood on by William Gallas, the referee allowed the game to continue and Arsenal immediately scored as a result. The incident left Bolton manager Owen Coyle furious as the goal turned the entire match.

Initially the referee placated the Wanderer’s boss by saying he had not seen the incident but later appeared to change his story by telling the FA he witnessed the incident but saw it as two player stretching for the ball.  That admission means no further action can be taken against Gallas.

Personally I dont know why the referee having seen the incident should make any difference to the out come of an FA investigation. The referee obviously didn’t see the incident clearly enough to make the judgment and any punishment due should still be forthcoming.

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15 Responses to “Mark Davies in Ankle Break”

  1. Getting a bit tedious now, especially with misleading titles like that mate, he didnt break his ankle……………………………
    Heres an article from my blog highlighting the issues with fact………..

    You just have to laugh at the furore surrounding the tackle from Gallas which saw Mark Davies unfortunately stretchered off, thankfully it wasn’t an injury as bad as Eduardo, and he’ll probably play again soon……….

    Some of the absolute cobblers that has been aired on radio shows and TV interviews by ex players, ex Refs and surprisingly even the angelic Paul Robinson took time out from his parish duties to pass on his esteemed views………….

    Taylor on Eduardo ‘v’ Gallas on Davies…………..

    Understandably there were people who tried to compare the two tackles, with one Presenter stating “Gallas showed Davies no respect by playing on, with what happened to Eduardo he should have kicked it out”
    However there is absolutely no comparison, Taylors foot was about 12inches higher and through the leg, pushing down in a stamping motion, {Note I didn’t say Taylor’s was deliberate}, Gallas was late and his foot was not raised.

    Yellow or Red?

    Right firstly, yes it was a bad tackle, and yes Gallas should have been given a card and Bolton should have had a free kick. Not one Arsenal fan would disagree……….

    Graham Poll “It was a definite red, he went over the top of the ball”

    He didn’t go over the top of the ball, as it wasn’t there as Davies had knocked it away, Gallas was just late, it happens…….His studs werent up and he didnt slide in. The Ref was about 15-20 yards away, not 2yards, and he saw it as a block challenge where the ball deflected away…………..One Ex-pro who actually spoke some sense was Andy Townsend, who said “I done that sort of challenges loads of times, he was just a bit late, there was no malice in the challenge”……………..If the Ref had made the right call and awarded a free kick, a red would have been harsh, I have seen worse tackles than that, which have had no coverage……Example would be Bentley on Vermaelen……..

    Should he have kicked it out?

    No, the Ref saw it and didn’t stop it, Everton last week didn’t when Denilson collapsed under no challenge, which I though was wrong as it could have been very serious, but Wenger at the time said he didn’t expect them too. The rule states “The Ref will stop the game if a serious Injury is suspected / Head Injury” Players occasionally still do kick it out, but they should wait for the Ref…………And before someone from Bolton says Wenger complained when Spurs didn’t kick it out at Highbury when they went onto score, that was the catalyst for changing the rule so to put the onus on the Ref and not the players, as clearly shown with his response to the Denilson incident……….

    Retrospective Action……….?

    As the Ref did see it, the FA say they cannot act on the tackle, that isn’t stopping Poll, Darren Lewis amongst others trying their best to get the FA to change their minds. Bolton claim that Wiley is contradicting his comments at the end of the match, what he had said, was he didn’t see it as a bad challenge, but he did see the challenge, as everyone keeps mentioning he was close and looking straight, he just misjudged what happened, something a Ref will do every game several times…….So as he saw and made a decision, nothing can be done, or shall we ask Refs to go over every challenge? I am sure Bolton wouldn’t want that…….most of their players would end up suspended…………

    Angelic Overtures……………

    I find it ironic and laughable that Paul Robinson is claiming a lack of respect, with the blood and thunder style of football he plays, it’s quite ludicrous that he said this. In the match at the Reebok he continually scythed Fabregas down, and went through him from behind in a premeditated fashion, not just late like Gallas was……………..

    Robinson plays football with a 150% attitude of effort and brawn which I have no issue with; because he has his limitations as do teams at Bolton’s level and play the game to suit themselves, which again I have no issue with as long as it is controlled by the ref and within the rules. But when they do get a kick back {deliberate or not}, the world is about to implode, I am sure it was only last season that Kevin Davies was having a pop at us for been Cry babies and Bolton aren’t at the moment?

    Big Four Bias………..?

    This one makes me laugh more the any other statement, Arsenal have had more restrospective action taken against than any other team in the premiership, any Arsenal incident that needs highlighting will get shown continously on Sky and the PL always seem to hammer us and let others off………

    Southern Softies or Spoilt Bullies……….

    How many times do we get call soft, we don’t compete, we need more steel, they don’t like it up them, get in their faces and they cannot cope……….Then the second we put in a challenge, we are bullies………….

    We are neither, Arsenal try to play the football that every neutral wants to see, technical and skilful with flair, but when a team disrupts that flow and gets in our faces, we have to stand up for ourselves, perhaps the young boys have finally grown up and said enough is enough, the way they didn’t give up when down 2-0 so early in the game, the way they didn’t rollover when Everton tried similar.

    Sunday will surely be similar against Stoke in the Cup. Hopefully we don’t pick up too many injuries, as we are down to the bare bones again, just ahead of the 4match run that will determine our season…….

    At the end of the day…………….

    Whatever we do we cannot win………….

    The press, ex-pros, Bolton and other cloggers can get stuffed………………..

    We are the Arsenal and we are the Best, so to hell with the rest…………….

    The one thing we can win is football matches……

  2. 2 vivb

    From my view it was a 50-50 ball both players were stretching for it Davies got there first. Gallas’ foot was slightly higher so he landed on Davies foot. Certainly a foul and yellow, maybe a red but that would have been harsh, it wasn’t malicious Gallas was trying to make up for his poor control that had lost the ball in the first place.

    Maybe Arsenal should have kicked the ball out but too many players feign injury to waste time at the Emirates and no one condemed Everton for playing on and almost scoring when Denilson collapsed the previous week.

    Wiley had a poor game though, he was inconsistant throughout.

    As for FA taking action, how about them also looking at the treatment meeted out to Fabregas while he was on the floor on Sunday.

    However I thought Bolton competed really well in both games and if Coyle can keep you performing to that standard surely a move up the table beckons

  3. 3 Kipmonster

    I feel sorry for Mark Davies as he looks a very good player who is very un-bolton like ! It is however poetic justice with the biter ( Bolton Wanderers NOT Mark Davies ) bit. As Wenger quite rightly said lets compare the fouling over the 2 matches. On Sunday Bolton targetted a concerted assault & intimidation of Fabregas which was epitomised by the moment he was clearly brought down by the clumsy lummox Zat Knight for what was a clear penalty. Knight grabbed Fabregas by his hair after ‘cooooeeee’ Taylor deliberately pinned down Fabregas neck with his knee. The thug Robinson who spent Sunday’s game kicking lumps out of Fabregas is a joke opening his mouth on the subject.
    Coyle who came across as a decent guy in his interviews when Burnley manager has wasted no time in becoming an Allardyce clone. A very bizarre decision for coyle to leave Burnley where he’d created a team to admire to go off to the ‘Thuggish Rabble’ down the road. Fingers crossed for a Bolton & Blackburn relegation double & I trust Wenger will refuse to assist Bolton with the loan of a gem like Wilshere to a club so unworthy of such a talent. It’s so hilarious that Northern teams Bolton, Blackburn & Everton try to kick their opposition off the park whilst showing no style or finesse but then whinge when they fail that they were hard done to ……. GET REAL !! & lose your Northern chips on your shoulders.

  4. 4 Barndoor Bendtner

    The trouble is that you will have to review all the other bad tackles that wern’t punished and I dont think the Bolton squad can handle that many cards and suspensions. I would keep your head down if I were you and accept it was an ordinary mistimed tackle that fortunately didnt result in a significant injury.

  5. 5 ClockEndRider

    So perhaps you’ll appreciate that all the gnashing and wailing of teeth was inspired by a manager desperate to create a “world’s against us” mentatlity in an attempt to fire up players and fans to avoid relegation, aided and abetted by a senationalist press and Sky dominated media who have to turn evefrything into ma crisis or disaster.
    What’s the story here? Player doesn’t break an ankle. So the tackle wasn’t as bad as has been said by a rabid manager with an agenda and a feral media. Perhaps tomorrow you could give us revelations such as “Martin Davies lives”, “Coyle realises he’s made a ricket or “Kevin Davies has day off from elbow sharpening”….

  6. 6 ClockEndRider

    Perhaps this story could have been headlined “Coyle so desperate to loan Wilshere and provide a solitary person on the training pitch that can actually play the game rather than simply run around a lot for 90 minutes and kick people that he is forced to retract ridiculous statement”.

  7. 7 Nave

    Stop complaigning and saying that you lost because of that tackle and that goal scored after that. I really want to know what you think of Mat Taylore pining Cesc to the ground with his knee on his neck and then pulling his hair as well, was that fair ?

  8. Even your manager has now back tracked and shown some common sense, fair play, at the heat of the moment he was frustrated………But now on reflection he states……….

    “Having looked at it I don’t think William Gallas purposely went to hurt Mark Davies,” admitted Coyle.

    “I think it was badly timed, simple as that but we have to move on.”

    I think Bolton fans should do like wise and concentrate on yourselves………..

  9. 9 simon

    Oh please just man up & stop crying.

  10. 10 Martha Focker

    I think Bolton Wanders and their fans should really shut the fuck up given that their team have been assaulting the opposition for years and have gone unpunished for the majority of those assaults. Gallas’ tackle while bad was not intended or malicious – just a damn clumsy and bad. Even your beloved new manager has retracted his harsh words.

    Now take Matty Taylor in Sundays game where he kneeled on Fabregas’ neck and pulled him up by the hair – now that is what i call deliberate.

    I am really glad Mark Davies is not hurt, only Neanderthal supporters , the likes often found in Bolton, would wish an opponent to be injured.

    So Bolton fans stop your pathetic whimperings – your team is shit and your going down – don’t expect sympathy from any other fans – you lot have given it and sometimes you have to take it.

  11. 11 Alan






  12. 12 shedzy

    oh right, so he’s absolutely fine


    almost as if Coyle was using the foul as an excuse for losing both games, even though the player wasnt even injured

    what a tit.

  13. 13 brdgunner

    It’s good to hear its not a long term injury, otherwise the press would want us docked points. Ha ha. More seriously it is good news that he is not to bad, as Gooners we don’t like to take un-fair advantage. Its been instilled in us since Wenger Arrived. I can see your grievance with the goal, however, we did dance through a number of players before scoring, and you must admit its a bit rich for Bolton to moan about a rough challenge, especially where Arsenal are concerned. I hope Owen Coyle can make you the sort of team Burnley have been, just better of course. And we don’t have to be frightened of losing a couple of players every time we play you.

    However, I think now you can see Arsenal can’t be bullied like they were, and that is the biggest aspect of the game that has upset everyone. We don’t fit into the stereotype anymore.


  14. 14 fanorama

    Another uninformed fan on the loose, for those who do have sky+ watch the replay in slow motion, you will see Gallas does get a touch of the ball which then deflects onto Davies, both players clearly challenging for 50 50 ball Davies comes out unlucky. And you wonder why the Fa wont go near this, sorry but no TV Trial this time.
    Food for thought, stop pulling hair, making countless fouls and kneeling on players then you may actually have a chance of wining a game.

  15. 15 Will

    I have to say, this bleating from you guys is a little hard to take. For years you have physically assulted us and called in English football while accusing us of being soft southerners.

    All Gallas did was what you have been doing to us for years, get over yourselves.

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