Owen Coyle Mistake with Line Up


Has Owen Coyle made his first blunder as Bolton boss. It is so unlike Coyle to play 4-5-1 and it’s not what the Bolton faithfull were hoping for but Coyle has decided to drop “goal machine” Ivan Klasnic and revert to a one man strike force.

Personally I am already a little disappointed that Coyle has spoken so fondly of Kevin Davies in that I think KD has under performed somewhat in recent weeks.  Apart from that I think the one man up front deal is getting old and I think Kevin Davies limited abilities are starting to get found out. He did a good job for Bolton for a long time but I think now is the time to see a more pacey, more technically gifted player leading the line.

Having said that I am pleased to see Mark Davies coming into the side as I think he has a lot to offer, he is a great talent and will be huge for Bolton when he finally seals his starting place.

I would have made 2 changes from the team that lost to Arsenal at the Reebok.  Taylor would have made way for Ricardo Gardner, offers more going forward and more in defence. Ricardo always works superbly with Samuel and I am sure he could be as good with Paul Robinson. My Second change would have been to bring in Mark Davies but for Kevin Davies instead of Klasnic. Davies and Cohen could shore up the midfield and Muamba could sit just behind to mop up.  Lee and Gardner would provide width and pace to support golden boots Klasnic up top. Thats my theory anyway.  Argue with me here.

As it is Coyle goes with:

Davies (c)

Good Luck Wanderers!


6 Responses to “Owen Coyle Mistake with Line Up”

  1. 1 Iain Clements

    I disagree. If you had seen the game on Sunday we were over run in midfield. Want to see us play 4-4-2 in most matches but when you play away to Arsenal and they have 3 in midfield than you have to match it. Davies would be my choice upfront if you play one because he is the best at holding it up to bring others into the game (although I admit he has been below par the season). I agree Gardner should be in along with Mark Davies.

  2. 2 dom

    davies played well didnt lose a header! you made a blunder ?

  3. 3 Big Daddy

    Though i take your point, i think it will be difficult for us to lose our tag of being winging fans with headlines such as this one. Megson was fair game to be criticized for team selection as he had been at the helm for a period of time, not to mention he brought in most of the players anyway, but Coyle should be left to chop and change as he pleases in order to find his best starting eleven and formation.

  4. 4 Moi

    Our style of play and effort in the last 2 games has been 500% better and i have no doubt whatsoever that if we continue to put this amount of effort in we will demolish lesser teams, Owen has them playing with their hearts for once

  5. 5 neon

    Not a great deal of argument from me although Kev was superb up front winning almost every ball. I agree though that it is getting near the end for him and that OC’s way of playing will not suit his style as he plays it right now.
    My biggest concern is defensively. We’re leaking goals at a rate unheard of in these parts since the Big Sam era. But, where is it breaking down? Cahill has been exceptional but he may be the only one. Zat seems to run hot and cold too often. Most of the time we seem to loose out whenever the outside guys get out of position. Robinson and Steinsson must make those runs but Cohen, Lee, Taylor and Muamba must get back and cover when they do. Mark Davis was exceptional until the injury and I see him in the side for years to come.
    One last request. Puh-Leeez, no more McCann! Every time he steps foot on the field I think we’ll be down to ten men any minute.
    Here endeth the rant!

  6. 6 danny

    Its Time for Al Habsi !!! Thats the main change.

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