Mark Davies Out For Weeks after horror tackle!


Mark Davies is being whisked off to the x ray room to get his ankle checked out after a horror tackle in tonights clash at Arsenal.

Owen Coyle and Bolton Wanderers were left fuming after Mark Davies was left reeling in agony on the floor while Arsenal continued to play on and grabbed an equaliser.  Davies picked up a wayward pass inside his own half but was subsequently hacked down when an Arsenal player crushed his ankle. The Bolton players appealed for a free kick but were forced to play on when the referee failed to blow.  Davies remained on the floor as Fabregas broke into the box and smashed the ball past the Bolton goalie.

It is understood that Mark Davies is being taken for x rays on his ankle and I expect he could be out of the picture for a number of weeks. 
I would consider Mark Davies very unlucky after a really good display in the centre of the park.


61 Responses to “Mark Davies Out For Weeks after horror tackle!”

  1. 1 stonroy

    As an Arsenal fan I’m very sorry to hear this news.

  2. 2 Sean

    I am a Liverpool fan and watched it. Shocking to say the least. What was the ref watching when he missed that.

  3. 3 Geoff

    Shocking tackle by Gallas. Should have been a straight red card. Willey was 5 yards away and didn’t see it. An utter disgrace.

  4. 4 Tony

    Perhaps Davies should have commited a hand ball then to have the game stopped.

  5. 5 Evan

    Arsenal fan here. I feel really bad about the tackle. Should have been a foul, maybe even a sending off. However, you can’t blame us for playing on. If an Arsenal player was down, your lot would have done the same thing.

  6. 6 jim

    I hope your player is ok but you guys know how we arsenal fans feel now, with your players literaly rubbing our players faces in the dirt.

  7. 7 fonesolo

    hope he won’t be out for long & he’s back playing soon. All credit for Bolton for giving us a tough game. If you keep playing like that, you should aviod the drop. Good luck for the rest of the season.

  8. 8 finny

    I justed looked at the game live. Am a celtic fan so no love for londoners and I thought it was a 50/50 ball where one player was lucky enough for his foot to go over the other. Looked like an accident no more. Definitley not a horror tackle or even a free.

  9. 9 paul

    Plus your keeper should have saved it at near post ….again!!!! if Ref dont blow you play on read the rules !!!!

  10. I write an Arsenal blog.

    I havent seen the game but I hope the injury is not serious and this doesnt taint what was a fantastic game by the sounds of it.

  11. 11 SwedishGooner

    Poor tackle indeed… But I can see why the referee didn’t see it, from his angle it looked like he got the ball on Davies and then out.

  12. 12 m rogers

    i dont think gallas meant it it was such a fast and furious game the ref missed it well done arsenal for sticking at it .deserved to win ,i think bolton will avoid relegation .

  13. 13 suicidalsam


  14. 14 E Dean

    Great goal though!

  15. 15 p Marmara

    you need to have the facts before printing headlines like that. More concening is having a 2 goal lead and blowing it. You sack a good manager and steel one from a good club, thats not good and Bolton will pay the price for their treatmnet to a good manager. I had asore neck looking at the ball so high in the night sky, and you pay to watch that crap.

  16. 16 Lord O'Sharpy

    tough boy Davies floored … priceless

  17. 17 Fredthekat

    I am a gunner, and have to admit that was a horrible tackle. I believe we would have gone on to win regardless, but it was a unfortunate way to get a goal.

  18. 18 Gooner4life&beyond

    That is bad, especially as it wasn’t the Davies that might have actually been deserving of a good kicking. Hope it’s nothing major.

  19. 19 Bolton 4ever

    It was a foul and we should have had a free kick. But it’s the ref’s job to stop the game, you can’t blame Arsenal for not putting the ball out. Fact is they outclassed us and we weren’t good enough in front of goal. It’s not yet “Coyle out” but it hasn’t been a very good start has it?

  20. 20 Good to be a GOONAH!!

    Davies played very well and gave us problems all evening. Hope he is back fit soon.

  21. 21 arsenalDK

    I’m an arsenal supporter, a big one. But what Gallas did was simply not acceptable. I hope that Davies is gonna be okay soon. Bolton obviously came to show us that they were not a walkover, and they put up a great fight. only difference is, we took our chances, and Bolton didn’t. I can’t blame us for the goal though, the game continiues, untill the referee stops the play.

  22. 22 clifton

    It is a mans game, is it fast, strong and contact sport, etc etc.. or so I am told when a Arsenal player is tacked to the sidelines..

  23. 23 Chiedu

    Taste of their own medicine

  24. 24 Fabgregas fan

    It was a massive mistake by the ref to not blow and award Gallas atleast a yellow card. It was a very nasty tackle.
    It is evident that you guys will not be fighting relegation come spring. If you can keep this level of playing you will be fine. I am glad my team won, I was very worried after 30 min.
    I hope it isn´t to bad for Davies.
    Good luck
    Arsenal fan and Grétar Rafns compatriot

  25. 25 derek atkinson

    willey is not fit to ref afte that tackle tonight on davis sir alex is right he shpould be struck off waht a w@nker

  26. 26 freddie

    We have had enough of being told that we have a soft centre –
    take that

  27. 27 Owen

    Hope he is not out for too long. Mr. Coyle has got to be wondering how on earth he is going to get this team of sunday league pub players to play football! Good luck Mr. Coyle you are going to need it. On the brightside he does have Championship pedigree!

  28. 28 Vieira4


  29. 29 grez

    dont condone bad tackles but gallas went for the ball,was not intentionall,accidental,end of story …..

  30. 30 Big Fa Sam

    Northern Softies. They don’t like it up them!

  31. 31 plasticspam

    as an arsenal fan i must apologise for equalising. But the ref stops the game,

  32. 32 William Davies

    Hilarious, the biggest thugs in football get a fe kicks back and fall all over the place crying injustice. What a pathetic joke of a club. Please get relegated, you owe it to football.

  33. 33 old codger

    I suppose we shouldn’t moan too much, especially after the way that our players have hacked & fouled the Arsenal players over the years.

    Oh well, time for another chip butty.

  34. 34 herdee string


  35. 35 Lucky

    What goes around comes around. Kevin Davies is your worst of yer lot.
    Taste your own medicine now, you cunts.
    Take that! Losers. Gone are the days when you bully and kick us off the park.
    Munch your own medicine now fu**ing Trotters.
    Hope you go down and play Championship Division Football where your bully tactics is very well suited. Hope he’s out for the season. D**kh**d

  36. 36 Owen

    U expect? Did the scan result came out? Watch the replay you will see both player are going for the lose ball and this Bolton guy sliding in infront of Gallas, as all Bolton players are using dirty tackle the whole game, Gallas trying to avoid injured by keeping his right foot on the air. But this lose minded Bolton player just slide under Gallas right foot and made Gallas lost balance, Gallas got no choice to stand on his stronger right foot, and this Bolton player ankle just under it… That’s what happened, but win is win, lost is lost, forger bout it and move forward!

  37. 37 Kipmonster

    I feel sorry for Mark Davies as he looks a very good player who is very un-bolton like ! It is however poetic justice with the biter ( Bolton Wanderers NOT Mark Davies ) bit. As Wenger quite rightly said lets compare the fouling over the 2 matches. On Sunday Bolton targetted a concerted assault & intimidation of Fabregas which was epitomised by the moment he was clearly brought down by the clumsy lummox Zat Knight for what was a clear penalty. Knight grabbed Fabregas by his hair after ‘cooooeeee’ Taylor deliberately pinned down Fabregas neck with his knee. Coyle who came across as a decent guy in his interviews when Burnley manager has wasted no time in becoming an Allardyce clone. A very bizarre decision for coyle to leave Burnley where he’d created a team to admire to go off to the ‘Thuggish Rabble’ down the road. Fingers crossed for a Bolton & Blackburn relegation double & I trust Wenger will refuse to assist Bolton with the loan of a gem like Wilshere to a club so unworthy of such a talent. It’s so hilarious that Northern teams Bolton, Blackburn & Everton try to kick their opposition off the park whilst showing no style or finesse but then whinge when they fail that they were hard done to ……. GET REAL !! & lose your Northern chips on your shoulders.

  38. 38 northenmonkey

    It was a bad tackle, but it wasnt malicious. unfortunately these tackles happen in football (after the amount arsenal get they should know)

    compare that with the thuggery of slicing down cesc, then kneeling on his head, and then pulling his hair (?) and while the one injury was definitely worse the other stands out as more thought out, more cowardly and more malicious.

    guess bolton just dont “like it up ’em”

    they dish out a lot but cry when it goes the other way.

  39. 39 Steveo

    Don’t like to see any player injured, but get a grip lads. ‘Hacked down…’?? It was a 50 – 50 ball. It happens. How many times have Bolton come on the park against Arsenal with the sole intention of chopping them because they cannot compete on the same level? So, now we have gone from softy southern puffs who can’t take it to hackers. Interesting. Bolton are one of the dirtiest teams in the league so get on with it.

  40. 40 ScotchEggsRule

    Good job Taylors, kick and hair pulling didn’t result in Fabregas being injured, ah that’s right Bolton conviniently forgot that while crying about Gallas tackle.

  41. 41 DucthGooner10

    I tried to find footage of the Gallas-tackle but I can’t. (Was in the kitchen when it happend.) But that doesn’t mean I have no opinion on the matter from a Gooner’s side.

    It seems everybody agrees it was a bad tackle, even our own manager said so. Well than to me Arsenal should have played the ball out if closeby players who received the ball where clear witnesses of the event. I am a fairplay Gooner and always will be.

    What is wrong is wrong. No excuses.

  42. 42 william gallas

    news just in on sky sports. Davis not seriously injured at all. doesn’t excuse the challenge, but really, stop bleating on about a tactic that has seen you “survive” in the top flight for so long.

    don’t crick your neck looking up at the top of the league will you?

  43. 43 gooner1

    Change your heading – he isnt out for weeks

  44. 44 jo

    No injury to Davies… What was it that Kevin Davies said about Arsenal? That they ‘scream’ when they go down?

    Too bad Arsenal won’t be playing Bolton next season.

  45. 45 Kofi

    Same happen to Arsenal against Villa and you screamed arsenal cry over nothing. Now you are complaining. Ironic

  46. 46 Zeguyz

    Who cares…?

  47. 47 dave

    you mess with the bigboys you get hurt, matty taylor was a cunt in the 1st game, just shows you we will not take your northern shit, crap team going down

  48. 48 highburyJD

    after having his ankle rubbed with the wanderers magic flat cap he’s made a shocking, completely unexpected, not a faking cheat at all, Lazarine recovery. As Billy would say quelle surprise

  49. 49 wandarah

    except he’s not out for a number of weeks. infact, it’s nowhere near as bad as first thought.

  50. 50 Saul

    ! if only Gallas had of kneed him in the head and pulled his hair like a fair player, rather than making a clumsy tackle! ! ! Bolton talking about fair tackles/fair play is a joke. Sorry, but accidents happen and it is better to be a clumsy tackler than someone who goes out all game kicking and fouling because you aren’t good enough to match it with the other team.

  51. 51 TrinderGooner

    are you even a bolton fan? you dont even know all the facts ” an arsenal player” it was Gallas, who isnt even getting punished by the FA. and ok we made 1 bad challenge what about on sunday, when cesc was getting pummelled on the floor getting kicked in the face? literally being teamed up upon, your tackles overall were worse than ours!

  52. 52 PJGooner

    Is someone having a laugh…….

    Yes, it was a badly timed tackle, and should have been a free kick, and a yellow card.

    But for Bolton to even make a comment on bad tackles is a joke. Bolton ‘kick to kill’ and have put so many players on the treatment table from Arsenal and many other top teams, especially in the days of that idiot Sam A………. in fact some games deserved an over 18 certificate. And before you say… southern softies, or, ‘you dont like it when it played like a mans game’ well……… stop complaining about the Gallas challange then. Arsenal have toughened up in the last few years, so if you want to dish it out you may receive some too.

    So, here is to quality football winning the day.

    Good luck to Bolton though, we do need teams like you in the league, with your packed out stadium, and hoards of fans………

    Keep teh 3 points rollinig in.

  53. 53 William Gallas


  54. 54 Barndoor Bendtner

    What medical data have yougot to make your assumption he will be out for weeks? The same as I have, just a series of partisan opinions from each side. The latest reports suggest it is not a serious injury and could only be a couple of weeks out max.
    However I’m glad you have at least called it a tackle, which it was, and there is no doubt it was mistimed and deserved a yellow.
    It was obviously not premeditated and if you look at the slomo (as the Sky pundits suggest) you could even argue that Gallas got a little piece of the ball.
    I’m afraid the moral high ground is no place for the current Bolton team and I hope Coyle can teach some football skills to go with the martial arts they practice at the moment. I actually laughed when I saw Kevin Davies miming that it was a studs up stamp. That really was a bit rich.

  55. 55 tg

    It’s going to be days. He wasn’t badly hurt, the playacting cunt. You northern jessies don’t like it up and at ya!

  56. 56 Chris

    Maybe the Arsenal supporters at the game might have had more sympathy for Mark Davies had we not read your captain boasting in the weekend papers about how the Arsenal players ‘squealed’ and ‘screamed’ when they were tackled. Live by the sword, die by the sword?

  57. 57 tyler

    Cry me a river, nobody has any sympathy for a bunch of dirty, cheating, hair-pulling twats who make the sport almost unwatchable.

  58. 58 potkettleblack

    You might want to change your sensational headline:,19528,11672_5876328,00.html

    Next time play to the whistle and learn to defend. I didn’t see play stop when there was a player down and Bolton carried on simply because they had the ball.

    Nice try detracting from the fact you threw away a 2 goal lead to then concede 4!

  59. 59 gooner

    i will take great pleasure from this season if:

    1) arsenal win the epl
    2) arsenal win the cl
    3) arsenal win the fa cup
    4) bolton relegated
    5) hull relegated


  60. 60 Daniel

    The p00$$y missed 9 days of football but needed a stretcher!!!

    Man up.

  61. 61 adam

    Weeks? It was 8 days wasn’t it?

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