Elmander, Riga, Mark Davies to get Bolton chance…


Riga Chance

Several Wanderers players previously on the fringes under former boss Gary Megson could be back in contention with new manager Owen Coyle.

Riga, Mark Davies and Vaz Te to name a few could be some of the players Coyle looks at to shake things up at Bolton.
Owen Coyle has said he has looked at the squad and can see plenty of quality. Coyle said he wants to give everyone “a fair crack” and will be looking at the team with no preconceptions.  This could leave the door open for a few surprises as the Bolton boss looks to turn things around.

It is well known that Coyle prefers a more flowing and passing style than his predecessor who relied on bullish long ball tactics.  So players who fell out of favour with Megson for being too forward thinking could be given the green light under Coyle. Everyone will get a chance to show what they can do. It should make a refreshing change for Wanderers fans who have endured some of he worst football in recent history.

Coyle’s attitude is already making a difference at the club and the players are “enjoying the football” they have started to play. Looking ahead to fixtures against Arsenal and Liverpool Coyle believes Bolton have every reason to be optimistic, he said “… That’s why we enjoy the challenge of the Premier League. And there’s no reason, if the players are at their best, why we can’t get something out of both games.”


One Response to “Elmander, Riga, Mark Davies to get Bolton chance…”

  1. 1 adam

    Excellent, i’ve aways wanted to see Riga play more. They said he was the new Okocha when he first came.

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