Coyle Hints At Bolton Return?


Coyle Doesn’t Deny Bolton Interest

Along with Mark Hughes, Burnley manager and former Wanderers player Owen Coyle is one of the bookies favourites to succeed sacked Gary Megson at the Reebok.

In a recent game against Burnley the Bolton fans chanted Coyle’s name and clapped him from the stands sending a clear message to their own club regarding their feelings towards Megson.

Just one game later, after a run of four unbeaten, Gary Megson was relieved of his duties as manager of Bolton Wanderers. When interviewed about the possibility of joining the Wanderers Coyle failed to completely rule himself out of the running. He said,”My focus is on doing the best against MK Dons this weekend” but admitted the opportunity would make “a fantastic job for someone.”

Coyle’s failure to categorically close the door on the subject has raised speculation that he could be tempted away from his current post. When prompted further Mr Coyle avoided making a direct answer and chose his words wisely saying,”As always, I am concentrating on the job in hand.”

Coyle could have put the speculation to bed right away by saying he has no intention to move or that he does not want the Bolton job.  He did neither. It sounds to me more like a clever answer whilst keeping the door open.  Bolton fans seem to really like Coyle and the chanting of his name a couple of games ago could have pulled a few heart-strings for him. It would be an emotional return for Coyle he enjoyed a happy spell at Bolton in his playing days and also scored in the Play Off Final which brought Bolton to the Premiership for the first time.  The Bolton job could be too good an opportunity to turn down, he knows resources, staff, funds and facilities are limited at Burnley and after the honeymoon football wears off things could get more difficult there.


10 Responses to “Coyle Hints At Bolton Return?”

  1. 1 Gnulty

    He will not leave for Bolton W. End of story… Happy new Year!

  2. 2 Steve M

    So he’s going to leave Burnley where he’s been building something good and has a great relationship with the fans, the players and the board, to join one of the very few clubs in the division which has a lower gate than ours.

    Dream on, losers.

    • 3 lee birchall

      put your money where your mouth is then mate? not many people out there taking money on him! He is 1/5 on with most bookies, you could make a fortune on Betfair. Coyle is coming home!

  3. 4 Lofty the lion


    As a life long Bolton fan I would love to see Mark Hughes take the hot seat, however its highly unlikely, the only reason he would take such a job is because he would like an immediate return to footbal management and would like to remain living in he Northwest of England, his home of many years with Manchester utd/Blackburn and Manchester CIty.

    My personal 2nd choice would be Owen Coyle, a former Bolton legend in his own right and still very good friends with Bolton chairman Phil Gartside, Owen has recently said he will concentrate on the Burnley V MK Dons and has not compleatly ruled himself out of the Job.

    Peter Reid would be a popular choice with the fans although I Myslef feel that he has had to much time out of the premier league and dont feel he is the right choice, It would be more of a romantic reunion with the borad fans and Reid Rather than the correct choice.

    Other names in the frame include Paul Jewell, who has a good amout of experiance in the premier league and worked well with WIgan. Jewell has been out of work for 12 months and may prove to ba an unpopular choice amongst the fans.

    Darren Fergusson is also a name in the mix, taking Peterbrough to 2 consecutive promotions he seems to have the magic of his Father Sir Alex,However appointing such an unexperienced manger in a toubled time would be the wrong choice for the Wandereres faithful. Even if Darren could use his Fathers influence to bring in a Man Utd Youth on loan, its still a risky choice.

    My personal favorite would be Alan Curbishley, he had brilliant success at Charlton and could proe to be the man of the moment, especially with the transfer market fast approching, he caould possibly add some talented players to the squad which would improve the chances of survival. Plus Alan has a massivee amount of experience.

    Another popular choice would be the appointment of Alan Shearer as Manager with an old crowd favorite Gary Speed as assistant, Its a 50-50 choice with Bolton fans s Shearer has limited experience but speed is a loved by the fans, and their friendship may steer Bolton to safety,

    Other contenders see the likes of Sven Goran Errikson, Alan Pardrew, Walter Navarinllo, Walter Zenga, Neil Warnock and many more, however its likely the board will wish to make the fans as happy as possible after a tough reign under Megson, and maywell turn to one of the featured managers to ensure fans get what they want.

    Although it is important to understand that what the fans want is not always the best option, as it proved with Newcastle in the previous season, they all wanted ALan Shearer and when they got himhe could not steer them to saftey in his short period of time.

    No matter who is named as Bolton manager, Wether it be one mentioned or one unheard of, the time is now to stick together and get behind the club as a Fanbase to ensure we give the team a 12th man at home. Athmosphere does a great deal to players, now is the time to play your part, every fan that attends any game must give full support to the players the club and the staff, its no longer the time to turn on managers or players, but a time to unite, and pull together, a time to get fully behind the club, bcause with the fans help the club can stay in th Premiership.

  4. 5 BAZ

    Dave Jones of Cardiff

  5. 6 chris l

    owen signed a new 4 year deal in the summer with a very expensive get-out clause.around£2million.he never shuts any doors.he did not shut the door on the celtic job ,but stayed at burnley.its about the 4th time he has been odds on for another job,but is still at burnley.he will move on to better things but i dont think it will be bolton.why?.its no better job than what he is now doing.not much money to spend simular sized clubs.but as bolton have shown over the last few managers,if everything is not going well you are straight on the managers had a couple of good years under long ball sam,them days are gone ,you have to come into why would owen side-step clubs?.just because he is gartsides was sammy lee and megson so again tell us. bolton fans what is so fantastic about your club compaired to burnley.
    alan curbishley i think would be the best choice for you ,but in a low league position as you are might just turn curbishley off the job.maybe paul jewell with experiance.peter reid a big no.never has done much or won anything.maybe until the end of the season.HOW ABOUT LONG BALL SAM.would he go back or did he fall out with gartside as well.and how much blame do you bolton fans put on gartside who gave the managers jobs in the first place..he gave megson the job he interviewed him but megson got all the blame.chairman should shoulder some of the blame,they are the ones who said megson WAS THE BEST MAN FOR THE JOB.FULL STOP.i agree with the bolton fans where football is played megson does not have a good luck in finding your new manager hopefully not owen and ill nip to the bookies and take the 2-1 on offer for him not to take the bolton the bookies gave me 8-1 for him not to take the celtic job.easy money.

    • 7 lee birchall

      The reason Owen Coyle will be leaving Turf Moor has been highlited in your piece, “very expensive get out clause of £2m”. Your in the Premiere League now mate and £2m doesnt get you much so its a snip for Owen Coyle. We will know today if this deal is on or not as he will have to interview post MK Dons game, if he is avasive he is coming to the Reebok. The betting markets show that some people are very confident that he is going, 5 punters have waded in at around £2000 a piece on betfair with odds of less than evans.

      • 8 chris l

        betfair is not a bookie it is a site for people to bet against each other.what you think or what i think.someone will win but not a say he’s coming home just remind me how many games he played for bolton again???.ill tell you were the only english club he played for.if he was coming home it would be to someone like dunbarton or airdrie where he spent most of his time as a player and not bolton.
        £2 million is a lot for a manager you are still paying megson, then owens.think about it. your 54 games or our 113 games before today. when asked about celtic he never said outright no. also the same for scotland.he’s said the same with concentrating on the job in hand.we can only wait and see.

      • 9 thefreelancer

        Well, Coyle failed to show for that interview, supposedly needed to catch a plane. He was seen hiding in the tunnel 45 mins later, no rush. He went and said goodbye to the Burnely fans after the game too!

  6. 10 chris l

    possibly but would you bet your life that the mail saw him an hour after the game?.99%what all newspapers report is crap but they do get lucky.when they get a story right boy do they bleat on about it ,but when they are wrong you hear nothing.if you think its nowt short of tapping up.gartside putting things into motion it soon gets in the paper and then deny it all.he gets his man the papers get their story.papers say burnley have quoted burnley have asked for £4million.burnley deny it again media in motion.but i bet the game at end of january may have a big police pressance because of this if owen does go then gartside will be at fault but will again deny everything. next week may prevail what happens.

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