Sensational:Megson Fired! Bolton Wanderers Sack Boss!


Megson points the way!

The final nail in the Megson coffin was delivered last night when he hit out at Bolton Wanderers fans following their 2-2 home draw with fellow strugglers Hull City.  Megson blamed the fans for his side throwing away a two goal lead after they jeered from the stands when Megson substituted top scorer Ivan Klasnic for defensive midfielder Gavin McCann.  Megson claimed that the fans reaction affected the players and put them off their game. He failed however to attribute any of the blame to himself for inviting mounting pressure onto his fragile defence who are the only team to have conceded in every game this season. (DISCUSS IT)

Bolton Wanderers have appointed Steve Wigley and Chris Evans (not the ginger one off tv) as caretakers for the upcoming FA Cup game against Lincoln at the weekend.  A surge of optimism is expected to reverberate around the Reebok and should be reflected by fans returning to support their team in their droves.  If this happens it will be undeniable proof of Megson’s negative impact on the club.

Megson supposedly saved the club from relegation twice but at the same time incited some of the worst football ever seen in the Premier League and also spent over 40 million pounds, more than any other Bolton manager.  Bolton remain in the relegation places going into the new year and will be looking for a boost following Megson’s departure.

Possible candidates to replace Megson include Mark Hughes, Jim Gannon, Alan Shearer(hope not), Alan Curbishly and even Phil Brown.

Asked if he thought it was impossible for him to win over the Bolton fans, a despondent Megson replied: “Yes.” Then he was sacked.

Was it the right move? (DISCUSS IT)


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  1. 1 thefreelancer

    Delighted! WOO

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