Phil Brown Spotted at Reebok…


Phil Brown was seen at the Reebok last night rubbing his hands together with glee when he saw Gary Megson decide to take off Ivan Klasnic for defensive midfielder Gavin McCann.  

"Oh, I thought you said down Phil"

Brown couldn’t believe his luck when his opposite number simply surrendered the initiative and gave Hull all the ammunition they needed to get a goal back.
Megson would have know that the fans would turn if he made the change, and brown knew it too. The big smile on his face said smugly, “bad move carrot top, watch us score now!”  

Phil Brown’s team went on to get the equalizer and could have won. If a team who can’t stop leaking goals tries to go defensive then a goal is the inevitable result.   

Megson then blamed the fans and was subsequently given the sack. 

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One Response to “Phil Brown Spotted at Reebok…”

  1. 1 Phil in Hessle

    I really don’t think the fans helped the situation. The Tigers had already scored and were looking to play some decent stuff- something we hadn’t done the entire game.
    Megson brought off Klasnic and put on McCann to try and shore up the midfield- where we had suddenly started bossing. The fans get on the players and managers backs and made them even more nervous- your lot were so tentative and nervous about making mistakes that they made even more.
    The FANS must soulder some of the responsibility. Megson was never liked- fair enough no problems with that- but come on Bolton are not gonna do anything but fight a relegation battle (the same as Hull), as they don’t have the money to do anything else….

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