Bolton Wanderers: Best and Worst Case Scenario


Come the end of the first ten games of the festive period Bolton Wanderers could have jumped up in the league table or dropped even further behind the pack.  But when all the final whistles have gone and the results are in just where will Bolton reside?

The best the Wanderers can get out of the this round of matches is a massive jump into 13th position from their current lowly 19th spot. That is Bolton’s best case scenario and presumes that all other results go in favour of the Wanderers. For Bolton Wanderers to achieve this leap up the league the likes of Everton, Hull, Stoke, Wolves and Burnley must all lose.

Should the opposite happen, and results were to conspire against Bolton, it is a very different story. Far from climbing to thirteenth in the league standings the Wanderers’ position would start to look even more precarious.  Although they will not lose any places if Burnley beat them at Turf Moore they will drop further behind and have a massive mountain to climb.  At worst Bolton could be left 3 points from safety and a massive ten points away from 13th (their opposite target league place.)  That demonstrates just how crucial this period of games is.


We have done best (13th) and worst(19th) case scenarios, but what about the most likely outcome?  

If the bookies favourites for each game win this will be the league table come the evening of December 27th.

16 Wigan
17 West Ham
18 Bolton
19 Hull
20 Portsmouth 

Only time will tell.


6 Responses to “Bolton Wanderers: Best and Worst Case Scenario”

  1. Why so negative? We’ll batter Burnley tomorrow they are pot

    • 2 thefreelancer

      Did we batter them?
      We were lucky to get a point.

      Why don’t you ask Mr Megson why he is “so negative”?

  2. Lucky? You were obviously showing your support by ‘watching’ the game on Sky Sports News, if you were at the match you’d have realised that we were far far superior you part-timer.

  3. 4 thefreelancer

    i watch every match home and away thank you. i dont know the last time i didnt see 90 minutes of a league match. I also rewatch it at home, all 90 mins.

  4. Think I hit the nail on the head there, the home and away shout was believable but the 90 minute re-run suggests to me that you aren’t being entirely truthful. Anyway lets just rejoice in the news that the worst manager in our history is no more.

    • 6 thefreelancer

      Why is the 90 minute re run not believable? I get stick off the GF every week for it! LOL
      But yes, Megson is gone! Finally, lets move on and be friends!
      Come on Coyle!

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