Bolton Wanderers: What the fans say…


I asked Bolton Wanderers fans for their view on the current situation at the Reebok. One fan came up with this article and I feel it pretty well sums up the feeling around the place at the moment.

By bigsamsarmyusa (link)

From the day of Gary Megson’s arrival he was never wanted; however, most fans were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Two and a half seasons on and Manchester City have sacked a manager for not losing (but not winning enough) and Bolton Wanderers has a chairman that seems hell bent on not sacking a manager that seems incapable of winning two games in a row this season.

For the most part, Bolton fans must endure the most depressing football in the league (a new “high” or “first” even for Gary Megson). Then, to rub salt in the wound, we must read articles in the media where Megson is alleged to claim: “When I took over the club had taken five points from 10 games. They had played a team of postmen and dockers in Macedonia in the Uefa Cup and got a draw there,” he said.

“This club wasn’t the one everyone was telling me about. It was averaging half a point every time it played…”

These, of course are based on a short stint as manager by Sammy Lee; not the true description of the club prior to Lee and Megson arriving to manager the Trotters. Taking liberty and twisting the truth to inflate his own self-worth is a tactic that Megson seems to enjoy.

If, and it is a big if, we can get maximum points from the next 3 “easy” games, our position will, at least temporarily, look a lot better; albeit the football may well remain dour and dire to the football fans. Time will tell.

Will we stay up? If we are lucky and if there are three teams worse than us at the end of the season, it is possible. Ultimately though we are bound to be relegated if the club insists on sticking with Megson.

If the club wants to remain in the Premiership, they must separate the club from Gary Megson and bring in a manager with the ability to manage the players well, have the PR skills with the fans that Megson so obviously lacks, and have some ability to get the players playing attractive football.

I hear that both Mark Hughes and Alan Curbishley are available.”

If you want to reply to the writer visit here and join the debate!


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