Prem Predictor Game… (free) Bolton v Chelsea, Man Utd v Liverpool


Hello fans, I have been away on holiday but now I am back.  I would like to announce that the famous prem predictor game is about to reopen and we are looking for new players.  It’s totally free and just a bit of fun for everyone.  But on top of just guessing the scores and beating your fellow fans to the prize there is a full forum to join and discuss all things football with like minded people.  We also link to live streaming games in the premiership, highlights of all the games and we have a great community ready to help out with advice on tickets, transport and just general footie related questions. Come and see for yourself. HERE

Even if you dont want to play the game you can still come along to the message board, join up and chat about your favourite team.  You could even view the board as a guest as an army of people post live links to the games on the day right at kick off time.  So there should always be a way to watch the match live as it happens. MESSAGE BOARD.


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