Megson CartoonUgly stick recipient Gary Megson, manager of Bolton Wanderers, gets a healthy dose of heckling and booing at every game these days. Why is that? 

For starters, his team selections often leave fans confused and disappointed, our best players seem to get left out in favour of his best pals in the dressing room. Indeed Megson’s latest batch of signings were brought in because they are “good in the dressing room!” What the heck use is that to a Bolton team who struggle to ‘string together’ 2 passes in a game?
Secondly, Mr Megson’s idea of good tactics is to get everyone behind the ball right from the kick off in the hope we will manage a goalless draw at home against potential relegation candidates, indeed against any team we play. Same thing every game, same “tactics” deployed home and away, regardless of the opposition. He seems to everyone who watches a Bolton game to be an inept tactically challenged moron unable to come up with anything new or inspiring to win a game.
He calls Wanderers fans “fickle” and “pathetic” adding, “You have to wonder about the intelligence of these people,” also “…will I ever win them over? No, no chance.”
What sort of idiotic manager comes out with this type of insulting nonsense regarding his own clubs supporters. He has no decorum, no pr skills and a very tiny brain.
These are but a few of the jug eared muppets foibles, there are many more. Ask any Bolton fan.
We can’t all be wrong. We have been up and down through the leagues more times than I can count, fought relegation after relegation and still kept ourselves happy, been entertained and never really complained about how well a manager has done. Not like this.
Everybody can see it but him.

2 Responses to “WHY DOES MEGSON GET BOO’D?”

  1. Comment removed after request by another Rufus Aldred.

  2. mate stop be hatin’ on ma comments

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