A mini revolt is occurring amongst Bolton fans after ugly looking manager Gary Megson back tracked on comments he made two months ago regarding Bolton’s well known unattractive playing style and “dour performances”.

Megson was quoted originally as saying “I would like to change the style that we play as I felt that was one of the reasons the club struggled last season.” He also stated, “We had to take it back a little bit, get the results at times and not play in the way we would have liked. There were some really dour, grinding performances…”

Those comments were made in the run up to season ticket sale time, and some fans think it may have been a tactic to boost sales after many fans vowed not to renew due to the substandard displays churned out by Megson and his band of not too merry men during the 2008/09 campaign.

One fans forum poster wrote “maybe all the “we are going to change the style” was all lets try and sell season tickets guff!”

The comments leading to the sudden turn against Megson who was already teetering on the edge of universal unpopularity were made less than a week before the new season was due to kick off.

Megson said, “A lot was made of me changing the style… People might not see a great deal of change to be perfectly honest but what I wanted to do was bring in more of the same with the intention of being able to do certain things better.”

He added insult to injury for those fans really hoping for somthing new saying, “We`re not going to suddenly start playing any differently – the idea is to play the same system, the same style”…

Gary Megson isn’t doing himself any favours and is lucky many Bolton fans are so forgiving, he seems to regularly insult their intelligence, calls their support into question and seems not to care at all about his populairity with the fans adding, “Bolton fans are fickle”.

The season kicks off on Saturday when Bolton take on North East relegation candidates Sunderland. Megson will have chance to show his hand and show the Wanderers faithful what he has in store. It could be a long hard slog for Megson and the fans if things don’t change for the better.


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